Wanted: Creative books on Jesus and/or ancient Palestine

As I begin planning for my next go-’round at teaching Life of Christ (an undergraduate introduction to the story/ies of Jesus as told by the Synoptic Gospels), I am looking for some books to supplement a main survey text which get at the context and content of the Jesus traditions in creative ways. So far my list of books to survey is pretty small, but I think you’ll see the direction I’m trying to angle towards even with just these three current options:

  • Fisk, Bruce N. A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Jesus: Reading the Gospels on the Ground (Baker Academic, 2011).
  • Korb, Scott. Life in Year One: What the World was like in First-Century Palestine (Riverhead Books, 2010).
  • Thiessen, Gerd. The Shadow of the Galilean: The Quest of the Historical Jesus in Narrative Form (Fortress, 1987).

I am trying to find some creative, even narrative-based, books on Jesus, the gospels, and/or life in first century Palestine. The more informed by current scholarship, of course, the better. To my scholarly friends and teacherly colleagues: do you have any suggestions of books to add to this list? 

And, if you are familiar with any of the above three books, I would welcome your thoughts on those as well.



2 thoughts on “Wanted: Creative books on Jesus and/or ancient Palestine

  1. I have a degree in Biblical Studies from Southeastern University, but I do not use that as a pretext for being a “scholar”. I am more of a recovering “fundy” as they are sometimes referred to, by which of course is suggested a person once swamped in fundamentalist dogma. In an attempt to defend my departure from that nonsense I put together a book about Jesus, which I published myself in 2006. It is entitled Jesus: A Likely Story. If you would like to read the introduction, here is the link: http://wayneholland.org/jesusintro.htm (It is also available in a Kindle edition.)

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